The EcoBOSS™ EB-MPK Seriesof Gate/Damper power supply panels provides ENERGY SMART functionality to any new or existing system.


All panels feature a 120VAC 3-prong power cord for input power, an output for automatic start/stop of the exhaust fan and a 24VDC power supply for autogate and sensor power. Models available with adjustable delay timers and manual overrides.

Example installations include but are not limited to: powering an autogate with sensor on select machinery/work stations in a new or an existing system, powering a make-up air damper, providing autogate functionality to an EcoBOSS™ Loop Box installation and adding capacity to a maxed out EcoBoss™ installation.

Standard Features


  • NEMA12enclosure
  • 3-prong 120VAC power cord
  • 24VDCpowersupply
  • Models with and without delay timers
  • Automatic start/stop of exhaust fan
  • Easy installation of multiple EB-MPK with daisy chain wiring solution
  • UL labeled

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Safety Certifications

EcoMAXX Power Supplies  are manufactured to meet requirements for the following certifications: