EcoBOSS™ Power Box is a truly powerful upgrade over the EB Loop Box Control.


The EB Power Box utilizes an ENERGY SMART logic controller that is designed to operate automatic gates based on real time equipment utilization (spindle run time) through a simple integrated network system. The required EB-SVD Standalone Variable Speed Drive regulates fan speed to provide a reduction of Kwh consumption up to 80%. Optimum energy savings is provided by regulation of fan speed dependent on filter pressure fluctuation and resistance. The EB Power Box is a truly smart system that is designed to adjust fan speed dependent on real time CFM requirements and can sequence control of discharge valves, transfer fans, dirty filter alarms, fire extinguishment and/or suppression, explosion isolation, clean air abort return and variable pulse filter cleaning systems.

Standard Features


  • EMA 12 enclosure
  • 0-10€ pressure transducer
  • SVD link light
  • Logic controller for gate delay timers and sequence of operation. (start up/shut down procedures)
  • Terminals for connecting to EB-SVD stand- alone variable speed drive
  • Clean sweep
  • Manual override
  • 3-prong 120VAC power cord
  • Terminals for connecting to optional Fire Control System, No Return Valve (CP02) Intrinsic Panel, Fire Break/No Return Valve Micro-Switch, make-up air damper, pulse cleaning control and auxiliary device motor starter panel
  • UL labeled

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Safety Certifications

EcoMAXX Power Box are manufactured to meet requirements for the following certifications: