EcoMAXX™ Explosion Relief Vents: SAFETY Smart Solutions To Prevent Personal Injury & Property Damage


Dust Collectors, Silos, Conveyors, and other vessels pose a substantial risk to life and property when combustible dust is present.  EcoMAXX™ Explosion Relief Vents are the SAFETY SMART solution to protect your people and investments.

Available in domed and pyramid styles, EcoMAXX™ Explosion Vents are ATEX certified, made from laser-cut AISI 316L stainless steel, and include a zinc plated external flange with standard EPDM gasket.

EcoMAXX™ Explosion Relief Vents are tested and certified to perform at a burst pressure of 1.45 PSIG (0.1 bar), Kst Max = 900 bar m/sec, Kg Max = 550 bar m/sec and Pmax = 9 bar, Pred Max = 2.0 bar. Every manufactured lot undergoes destructive testing to insure quality and ATEX performance specifications.

Standard Features



  • 0.1 bar (1.45 PSIG) burst pressure (Pstat) *
  • Laser cut 316 Stainless Steel vent construction with zinc plate mounting flange and EPDM gasket
  • Non-fragmenting design
  • Designed for positive and negative pressure applications **
  • Suitable for dust, gas, liquid and fog explosions
  • ATEX certification – en14797


* Model EM-XV3138 burst pressure (Pstat) is 0.2 bar (2.90 PSIG)

** Negative pressure installations require the optional Inner support grill

Optional Features


In addition to the standard features, all EcoMAXX™ Explosion Vents can be configured to include the following optional features:


  • Inner Support Grill for negative pressure applications
  • ATEX Certified Breaking signal Sensor
  • PTFE Gasket
  • Silicon Cell Gasket
  • Dust level sensor*

EcoMAXX™ Explosion Vents offer ultimate protection from unsafe pressure in dust collection systems

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are EcoMAXX™ Explosion Vents NFPA compliant?

NFPA 68, Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting, provides the standard for the design, installation, and maintenance of deflagration vents and related components.  NFPA compliance is dependent on a multitude of design factors such as the explosivity of the combustible dust and the vessel type construction and characteristics.  Boss Products engineers will size and recommend the explosion vents to the most current NFPA standards


Are the EcoMAXX™ Explosion Vents 3rd party tested and certified?

All EcoMAXX™ EM-XV Explosion vents are third party tested and certified to ATEX en14797 /  CE 2049 EUM1 11 ATEX 0592 II GD.


Are the Explosion Vents reusable?

No. The Overpressure from an explosion breaks the vent at predetermined points to safely relieve the deflagration without fragmentation.


How many Explosion Vents will my system need?

In accordance with NFPA 68, Boss Products engineers will gladly size and recommend the required deflagration venting specific to your application.

What is the lead time to ship for Explosion Vents?

At Boss Products, our policy is to ship all standard products in 6 weeks (often much faster in most cases). Most Explosion Vents and other fire and explosion isolation devices will ship anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks after we receive your order.

We’re working hard to continue increasing our on-hand stock to meet the growing demand for our products. Contact us to learn more about current availability.


Where are your Explosion Vents manufactured?

All of Boss Products’ Explosion Vents are made in Italy by AirCom Srl, one of our longtime partners. We’re proud to be the exclusive North American importer and distributor for these Explosion Vents and market them under our EcoMAXX™ tradename.


I have technical questions about your Explosion Vents. Can you help answer them?

Yes! At Boss Products, we have over 50 years of hands-on industrial experience designing, crafting, installing, implementing, and maintaining thousands of dust collection systems. We welcome any questions you have about our Explosion Vents or other EcoMAXX™ products.

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Safety Certifications

EcoMAXX Explosion Vents are manufactured to meet requirements for the following certifications: