All EcoBOSS™ products that are installed in a ducting system ship either with 90 degree flared ends or flanged ends with co-flanges.


Flared end products can be installed in standard ductwork by using EB-CL connection links and EB-CE connection ends. The connecting ends can be installed by welding or screwing them into place in the ductwork. The EcoBOSS™ product can then be easily attached with the Connecting Links.

All flanged end products come standard with co- flanges for use with imperial sized ductwork. The installer will need to van-stone or weld the co-flanges to the ductwork for proper installation.

If clamp together duct is used, we recommend you purchase a rubber O-Ring (1 per side) and slide it up against the 90flared end. This will create a rolled edge that will easily allow adaption to your clamp together ducting system.

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Safety Certifications

EcoMAXX Connection Options are manufactured to meet requirements for the following certifications: