EcoBOSS® Gates are used to independently control airflow on specific machines by linking their open/closed position to the active operation of the individual machines that require dust collection or ventilation.

Optimum energy savings and filter capacity utilization will be achieved by installing the EcoBOSS® energy management system with EcoBOSS® 100% positive seal pneumatic blast gates.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty galvanized steel construction
  • 24 VDC solenoid with LED indicator light (110 VAC is optional)
  • Sizes 4″-12″ come standard with 90° flared ends for use with optional quick connection clamps and adapters
  • Sizes 14″-32″ heavy duty gates come standard with flanged ends and co-flanges
  • Polyethylene gasket for 100% positive seal on sizes 4″-12″. Larger heavy duty gates utilize brass for ease of movement and feature rubber and felt gasket.
  • All heavy duty gates are self-cleaning
  • Butterfly dampers with pneumatic or electric actuation are available

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