Dry Chemical Suppression

  • Model #EM-FCS-DCS

Dry Chemical Suppression

EcoMAXX™ Fire Isolation & Suppression Systems: The Ultimate Protection Solution for METALWORKING APPLICATIONS where multiple sparks and/or flames are present.

Specifically engineered for micro-environment fire protection!

EcoMAXX™ Fire Isolation & Suppression Systems combine patented and FM approved FireTrace Technology with the standard EcoMAXX™ Fire Control Panel, Detection Sensors and FireBreak Isolation Shutters.

As a first line of defense, the EcoMAXX™ system detects potential fire events at a predetermined level. It then isolates the filter from exposure, shuts the system down, and optional suppressant may be released.

If a fire event takes place in the dust / fume collection system, the collector and components automatically shut down, the filter cabinet is isolated, and FM Approved FireTrace ® Dry Chemical Suppressant is released to suppress the fire.

Standard Features

  • NEMA 4/12 enclosure for indoor and outdoor installations
  • Single Point 24VDC electrical connection
  • 2 Discharge Hose Bulkheads located on enclosure sides
  • Manual release and charging port on enclosure door
  • 4 cylinder sizes available (2.5lb, 5lb, 10lb, and 20lb)


How It Works

Dry Chemical Suppression Process

Stage 1 – Prevention

(1) EM-FCS-SD Spark Detectors With Mounting Kits detect multiple pulses of sparks and or a flame and sends a signal to the (2) EM-FCS-CU1610 Fire Control Unit. The Fire Control Unit shuts down the dust collector, activates visual/audible alarms and sends a signal to close the (3a) EM-FBS FireBreak Shutter to isolate the hazard from entering the collector. Optional (3b) EM-FCS-DCS Dry Chemical Suppression System may be installed to suppress the hazard and be deployed in sequence after the FireBreak Shutter is closed.

Stage 2 – Isolation & Suppression

(4a) EM-FCS-TP Thermal Probe installed in the clean air chamber and (4b) EM-FCS-TP Thermal Probe installed in the hopper sense a rapid temperature rise in the dust collector and send a signal to the (2) EM-FCS-CU1610 Fire Control Unit. The Fire Control Unit shuts down the dust collector, activates visual/audible alarms and sends a signal to close the (3a) EM-FBS FireBreak Shutter on the Inlet side and (6) EM-FBS FireBreak Shutter on the dust collector outlet. After a slight delay to ensure FireBreak closure the (5) EM-FCS-DCS Dry Chemical Suppression System floods the dust collector to suppress the fire. The (7) EM-IMS-DP-01 Dust Probe monitors the filtered air for particulate and shuts the system down to protect workers from hazardous dust when air is returned to the workspace.

Have questions?

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Product Specs (PDF Downloads)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lead time to ship for Fire Isolation & Suppression systems?

Typical lead time to ship complete fire isolation and suppression systems is 3-4 weeks, sooner if possible. We’re working hard to continue increasing our on-hand stock to meet the growing demand for our products. Contact us to learn more about current availability.

What type of applications can I use the EcoMAXX™ Fire Isolation and Suppression on?

Our systems are designed and suitable for class A, B and C fires and are installed on dust/fume collection systems that have a fire hazard. Example applications include but are not limited to:

  • Metalworking and fabricating processes (e.g. robotic and manual welding, plasma and laser cutting, grinding and deburring)
  • Oil / Coolant mist collection systems in CNC machining centers
  • Virtually any other application that generates sparks that could lead to fires

Additionally, our systems are frequently used in lieu of expensive “Dry” water piping system in outdoor dust collector installations where freezing is a potential. Dependent on the size of the collector, one or more EM-FCS-DCS Dry Chemical Suppression systems can be mounted on the collector for a cost effective and reliable alternative.

I have technical questions about your Fire Isolation & Suppression Systems. Can you help answer them?

Yes! At Boss Products, we have over 50 years of hands-on industrial experience designing, crafting, installing, implementing, and maintaining thousands of fire isolation and suppression systems. We welcome any questions you have any of our EcoMAXX™ products.


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