Variable Speed Drives

  • Model #EB-SVD

The EcoBOSS™ EB-SVD Standalone Variable Speed Drive 
is a critical component to all EcoBOSS™ energy saving control systems! The primary purpose of the EB-SVD is to drive the primary fan motor while the EcoBOSS™ Loop Box, Power Box or Power Box Ultimate constantly communicates system conditions for the most efficient operation. EcoBOSS™ ENERGY SMART technology and programming ensures optimum fan performance based on real time production conditions and safety requirements. The EB-SVD (NEMA 1 version) can also be installed in a central all-in-one EB-LCP, EB-EB-IECP, EB-MFCP or custom control panel with disconnect.

Standard Features

  • Models from 1€“ 550 HP
  • NEMA 12 rated
  • Pre-programmed for EcoBOSS™
  • Project specific drawings
  • Easy installation and tuning
  • Multiple modes (Hand/Off/Auto)
  • LCD display and soft touch keypad
  • For use with EcoBOSS™ family of controls or on stand-alone applications
  • UL labeled

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