Power Box Ultimate

  • Model #EB-PBU


Choose the EcoBOSS™ Power Box Ultimate 
for the most advanced Energy Saving Control System available. An extremely powerful upgraded system, the EB Power Box Ultimate utilizes the most advanced ENERGY SMART technology with external color touch screen programming for operation interface and expanded system capacity to provide energy savings for larger systems. Think of the EB Power Box Ultimate as our basic Power Box Control System on steroids! Standard features and available options combine to make the EcoBOSS™ Power Box Ultimate the intelligent brain for the most advanced energy saving control system for industrial ventilation available.

Power Box Ultimate Control systems are designed to operate automatic gates based on real time equipment utilization (spindle run time) through a simple integrated network, adjust fan speed based on real time CFM requirements and can sequence control of discharge valves, transfer fans, dirty filter alarms, fire extinguishment and/or suppression, explosion isolation, clean air abort return and variable pulse filter cleaning systems.

Standard Features

  • NEMA 12 enclosure
  • 6” graphical color touch screen
  • HAND / OFF / AUTO selector switch
  • 0-10€ pressure transducer
  • SVD link light
  • Advanced logic controller (accessed through the touch screen) for complete gate, motor control and sequencing
  • Clean sweep
  • Manual control of all motors and gates
  • Password protection
  • 3-prong 120VAC power cord
  • Terminals for connecting to optional Fire Control System, No Return Valve (CP02) Intrinsic Panel, Fire Break/No Return Valve Micro-Switch, make-up air damper, pulse cleaning control and auxiliary device motor starter panel
  • UL labeled

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