Loop Box

  • Model #EB-LB


EcoBOSS Loop Box™ is a simple, yet powerful yet powerful addition to any process ventilation system that guarantees ENERGY SMART operation. When combined with an EcoBOSS™ EB-SVD Standalone Variable Speed Drive and manual or automatic blast gates, the Loop Box Control regulates fan speed to deliver optimum CFM with energy savings up to 80%. The EcoBOSS™ Loop Box insures additional efficiency by regulating fan speed dependent on varying filter pressure and resistance conditions. All Loop Box systems are remote start capable and designed to reduce energy cost based on equipment utilization and spindle run time demand.

Added benefits include significant sound level reduction, increased filter life, maximum collection efficiency and fan capacity utilization.

Standard Features

  • NEMA 12 enclosure
  • 0-10 pressure transducer
  • SVD link light
  • Remote start/stop terminals
  • Terminals for connecting to EB-SVD stand alone variable speed drive
  • 3-prong 120VAC power cord
  • Terminals for connecting to optional Fire Control System, No Return Valve (CP02) Intrinsic Panel, Fire Break/No Return Valve Micro-Switch, make-up air damper, pulse cleaning control and auxiliary device motor starter panel
  • UL labeled

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