Heavy Duty Barometric Damper

  • Model #EB-BDHD


EcoBOSS™ Heavy Duty Barometric Dampers are designed for use with EcoBoss Energy Management Systems to automatically bleed in air to avoid fan instability and maintain suitable conveying velocities in duct lines.

Multiple duct zones are always recommended for EcoBOSS™ installations, but sometimes it is necessary to install a barometric damper that will gradually open as the gates close to ensure proper transport velocity and avoid fan cavitation.

The installation of an EcoBOSS™ Heavy Duty Barometric Damper with an EcoBOSS™ Energy Management System is ENERGY AND SAFETY SMART! You will save tremendous amounts of energy, insure your fan works at optimum efficiency and maintain suitable transport velocities.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty galvanized steel construction
  • Heavy duty adjustable counterweight with safety chain
  • Removable inspection door
  • Sizes 6 through 18: 90o flared ends for use with optional quick connection clamps and adaptors.
  • Sizes 20€ and larger: flanged ends with co-flanges. Note: SS304 and SS316 Construction are available upon request.

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