Automatic Butterfly Damper

  • Model #EB-ABD

EcoBOSS™ Automatic Butterfly Dampers with dust seal 
are an essential energy saving component that is ideal for light dust, fume and smoke producing applications.

Installing EcoBOSS™ Butterfly Dampers that are directly connected to the process machinery is ENERGY SMART! When a dust producing machine is not in operation, airflow is not required. Power consumption is dramatically reduced, service life and capacity of a filtration system is increased, and the dBA levels of the fan’s exhaust will be significantly lower.

EcoBOSS™ Butterfly Dampers are used to independently control airflow on specific machines by linking their open/closed position to the active operation of the individual machines that require dust collection or ventilation.

Optimum energy savings and filter capacity utilization will be achieved by installing an EcoBOSS™ energy management system with EcoBOSS™ Automatic Butterfly Dampers with dust seal.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty galvanized steel construction
  • 24 VDC solenoid with LED indicator light (110 VAC is optional)
  • Rated for high pressure applications (up to 24€ WG)
  • 90 flared ends for use with optional quick connection clamps and adaptors

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