FireBreak Shutters

  • Model #EM-FBS


EcoMAXX™ FireBreak Shutters: Engineered For Safety Smart Isolation of Flammable Hazards in Vessel & Ducted Systems!

Available Models

  • EM-FBS00G – Gravity closure with manual reset
  • EM-FBS00F – Gravity closure with manual reset. Fusible link activation.
  • EM-FBS00M – Gravity closure using magnetic release with a pneumatic reset.
  • EM-FBS00P & EM-FBS00PH – Pneumatic closure & reset, designed for vertical and horizontal positions.

Are you searching for a dust collection fire and explosion protection system for your company’s production facility, workshop, factory, or any other dust-producing industry? Boss Products can help! Our FireBreak Shutters are an integral part of any system designed to protect workers and facilities where a fire hazard exists.

EcoMAXX ™ FireBreak Shutters are engineered to isolate fires and fire hazards in process ventilation and dust collecting applications. FireBreak Shutters are installed in a multitude applications ranging from wood dust, metal dust, oil mist and/or any other process that has a fire hazard. Preventative and reactive (after the event) solutions are solutions are available.

Common applications include but are not limited to: secondary protection in a Spark Detection and Extinguishing System, fire hazard isolation for detect and isolation systems without suppression, dust collector/ vessel isolation (isolate the inlet and outlet) when used with an automatic dry chemical suppression system and production area / work zone isolation for high risk processes.

EcoMAXX™ FireBreak Shutters offer the ultimate protection against dust collector fires and explosions.

Firebreak Shutter

FIGURE 1.  Shows example of FireBreak Shutter used for secondary protection in a spark detection and extinguishing installation

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Standard Features

  • 4 models / styles available from sizes 8” to 48” diameter.Heavy duty welded steel construction
  • Flanged inlet and outlet with co-flanges
  • Self cleaning design
  • Integral gasketing for positive seal
  • Epoxy powder coated safety red finish
  • ATEX certified*
  • * Model FBS-00M is provided as non-ATEX CE listed standard. ATEX version is available on request

Optional Features

In addition to the standard features, all EcoMAXX ™ Fire Break Shutters can be configured to include the following optional features:

  • Thermal probes for rapid temperature rise activation
  • Microswitch for system shut down
  • Compressed air reservoir tank
  • Automatic dry chemical suppression systems
  • Spark detection and extinguishing system
  • Integration with your existing control panel or any new EcoBOSS control panel

Product Specs (PDF Downloads)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lead time to ship for FireBreak Shutters?

At Boss Products, our policy is to ship all standard products in 6 weeks (often much faster in most cases). Most FireBreak Shutters and other fire and explosion isolation devices will ship anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks after we receive your order.

We’re working hard to continue increasing our on-hand stock to meet the growing demand for our products. Contact us to learn more about current availability.

Where are your FireBreak Shutters manufactured?

All of Boss Products’ FireBreak Shutters are made in Italy by AirCom Srl, one of our longtime partners. We’re proud to be the exclusive North American importer and distributor for FireBreak Shutters and market them under our EcoMAXX™ tradename.

Can the FireBreak Shutters be used to isolate explosions?

No.  FireBreak shutters are engineered and certified for fire isolation only.

How quickly do the FireBreak Shutters Close?

Models EM-FBS00F, EM-FBS00G and EM-FBS-00M are available in sizes 8” – 30” diameter and utilize gravity for closure.  Maximum rated closure time for EM-FBS00F and EM-FBS00G is 100 milliseconds while model EM-FBS00M is 110 Milliseconds.

Models EM-FBS00P (vertical mount) and EM-FBS00PH (horizontal mount) are available in sizes 8” – 48” and utilize pneumatics for closure.  Maximum rated closure time varies by size as follows:  8” – 18” is 1 second, 20” – 30” is 1.5 seconds, 32” – 40” is 2 seconds and 42” – 48” is 2.5 seconds.

It is extremely important that sensor(s) to FireBreak Shutter minimum installation distances are observed.  Boss Products will assist in design/installation requirements based on conveying/air velocity and your application

I have technical questions about your FireBreak Shutters. Can you help answer them?

Yes! At Boss Products, we have over 50 years of hands-on industrial experience designing, crafting, installing, implementing, and maintaining thousands of dust collection systems. We welcome any questions you have about our FireBreak Shutters or other EcoMAXX™ products.


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